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    Being whisked off to the rolling hills of Portugal is a fantasy for any person but now you can bring a piece of Portugal into your home with Amor Natural cork flooring. The natural tones of this floating floor brings a light and modern feeling to any room, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Features include 4 layers of matte elastic acrylic finish with ceramic bead varnish for extra durability and Uniclic locking system for easy installation. Features: Uniclic, MATCX
  • No tree wants to end up as a toilet paper roll. Its a terrible way to go, but we know the cork trees of Portugal must be sleeping well at night, knowing that our harvesting methods guarantee that they will be around for generations. Amor Brown cork flooring and all APC Cork products take advantage of these sustainable harvesting methods to create a eco-friendly product for our customers. Features: Uniclic, MATCX