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Truly Green

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  • Amor

    Being whisked off to the rolling hills of Portugal is a fantasy for any person but now you can bring a piece of Portugal into your home with Amor Natural cork flooring. The natural tones of this floating floor brings a light and modern feeling to any room, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Features include 4 layers of matte elastic acrylic finish with ceramic bead varnish for extra durability and Uniclic locking system for easy installation. Features: Uniclic, MATCX
  • No tree wants to end up as a toilet paper roll. Its a terrible way to go, but we know the cork trees of Portugal must be sleeping well at night, knowing that our harvesting methods guarantee that they will be around for generations. Amor Brown cork flooring and all APC Cork products take advantage of these sustainable harvesting methods to create a eco-friendly product for our customers. Features: Uniclic, MATCX
  • Antheia

    Antheia Natural cork flooring is a amazing combination of comfort and technical quality, featuring a light, airy pattern, that plays well with any design style. This APC Cork flooring product with its 4 layers of durable acrylic matte finish, MDF Uniclic locking system and 25 year limited residential wear warranty, just may become your favorite flooring in your home. Features: Uniclic, MATCX
  • Artemis

    We have always felt a good way to gauge the success of our cork flooring is neighbor envy and Artemis Natural scores high on the Richter scale. The natural tones and geometric pattern of this APC Cork product, has the comforting lines of wood but with all the insulating and eco-friendly properties of cork. With a sturdy finish and a 25 year limited residential wear warranty, this is a easy choice for many. Features: Uniclic, MATCX
  • When it comes to flooring, we understand price matters, so we have created the Truly Green cork flooring collection, for the budget conscious customer, who still wants quality but at a affordable price. Artemis Brown's deep, rich brown color, 4 layers of matte finish and a 25 year limited residential wear warranty, means you will have the flooring you want, at the the price you want, with APC Cork's attention to detail and quality. Features: Uniclic, MATCX
  • Ceres

    The ability to provide a sustainable product to our customers has always been the core reason why we got into this business. Products, like Ceres Natural cork flooring, shows us we are all linked together, from the farmers of Portugal, to customers in North America and even the future generations, by our sustainable harvesting techniques. Ceres and other APC Cork flooring products represents the best of what eco-friendly means. Features: Uniclic, MATCX
  • Opus

    Inspired by nature and the majestic cork oak tree, Opus Natural cork flooring brings the cork pattern center stage, to take its moment in the spotlight. With large chunks of cork, surrounded by smaller particles, this flooring is not ashamed of what it is, and can be heard screaming out "Look at me. I'm cork and proud of it!" Features: Uniclic, MATCX
  • If you care as much about what's in your flooring and how it is manufactured as you do comfort, you have met your match. Opus Brown cork flooring is not only comfortable to stand on but the sustainable harvesting methods and the fact that all APC Cork products are formaldehyde free, should check all of your boxes. With a 4 coats of durable finish and easy installation, this flooring should be a easy choice. Features: Uniclic, MATCX
  • Tellus

    Like a Jazz riff that floats through the night, Tellus Natural's rhythmic cork flooring pattern will captivate its audience day after day. By reconfiguring the cork bark in a vertical manner, texture and pattern has become a dominant theme in the design of this cork flooring. Additional features include HydroCore and a Uniclic floating locking system, for a quick finish to your renovation project. Features: Uniclic, MATCX